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Homebrew Dynamic DNS with the Linode API

Over the years I’ve set up a variety of private cloud services. In addition to gaining expertise in these services for clients who would rather rely on their own infrastructure, it’s also made me less dependent on web company services which could (and have) disappeared at inconvenient times.

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Troubleshooting Piwik database errors.

Do you know what’s not fun? Troubleshooting database errors. Imagine you’ve set up piwik on a client’s server. You have everything installed, configured, and running. You’re testing out various features, you know, to make sure they work as advertised before handing off to the client. Not required, but it’s that little extra icing on top that makes your service just a touch above the rest.

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Piwik installer has PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in core/FrontController.php

For three nights I struggled with trying to figure out why I could not get Piwik’s web analytics software to load it’s installation page successfully. I was attempting to migrate it from a FreeBSD 10 server to a FreeBSD 11 jail and nothing, nothing I did was working. I kept on getting the following two errors in my php logs:

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Running dovecot and opensmtpd inside a jail

This is is going to be short and sweet. If you are running opensmtpd or dovecot inside FreeBSD jails you may need specific changes for this configuration, depending on your jail setup.

For dovecot I had to add listen = * to the config.

For opensmtpd I needed to have listen on localhost port <portnumber> instead of listen on lo0 port <portnumber> for smtpd.conf.

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Solution for fatal error in dovecot configuration file

While setting up a mail server, I ran into a curious issue which I have documented below for posterity. After modifying the dovecot configuration and attempting to start the dovecot service I received the following error:

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git show: my hero

This post is about a git learning I had some time ago. The codebase that I was hired to work on had diverged from the main branch at some point in the past (months earlier). A few months into the project I took on the responsibility of merging the diverged branches together. It took me a really long time (hours) to finish, but all seemed to go well.

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Fix Ghost init script not starting automatically in FreeBSD jail

I’ve been redoing the infrastructure for the web servers here at the bennett project—migrating from Ubuntu 12.04 to FreeBSD 11. I’ve shared the reasons for that elsewhere. Today I wanted to document an issue I ran into when setting up the Ghost blogging platform inside a FreeBSD Jail.

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Globbing in Zsh doesn't work with scp

Since switching to z shell (zsh) I’ve run into a variety of issues with globbing1 and other features not working the way I was used to with bash. This post is about resolving another of those issues. Today I was trying to scp some cachegrind files from a remote box and got the following error:

  1. Globbing is a process that expands patterns to filenames. 

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Recreating raster images as SVGs: part 1

Lazyweb, I’m going to share something with you today that I hope blows your mind. I’m going to show you how utterly awesome SVGs are for certain types of images. What I’ll be doing is recreating an image of an owl with a chevron background. Here is the source image:

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Git Troubleshooting

I’ve had the fortune of being an early adopter for Git as a version control system. A part of this early adoption involves getting bleeding edge software to work alongside older, more decrepit software. Such was the case when using git as my subversion (svn) client.

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Avoid tar: Removing leading `/' from member names message in backup scripts

I recently figured out how to get rid of an annoying message that came from the tar backup program that I’d like to share. I have servers that I’ve set up to do hosting for some clients. Since they’re actually paying for this service I also perform regular backups. This would be pretty annoying to do manually every day so I have a cron job run the backup script each day.

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Creative Juices: Part 1

True story: I used to draw comic books. Stick figure comic books mind you, but I was proud of them nonetheless. I was prouder still of the stories these comics would tell. However, despite dabbling in comic book creation, I never considered myself a creative person. I personally felt that ideas were just too hard to come by to warrant any legitimate claim to that title. Then came web development, which changed things.

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